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        I feel like I should start off by talking about what happened in 2018 as a lead-in for 2019. Last year was quite a ride for me personally and it seems like GameGrind wasn't a part of the last half. The latest content on the GameGrind channel is a sponsored course on a third-party tool and that was nearly a year ago. Not the best time to take such a break.


        All last year I worked directly with an online academy to produce premium Unity game development courses. While I feel like these courses are great, and I'll soon be sharing them with you, they're no longer mine and I miss creating my own content. Content that if it's good, we all benefit; I make more money, you get better lessons. I am working on creating this new content and I’m excited to start sharing it with you.


        I had planned a big resurgence of content at the beginning of 2019 to start off the new year, but it just didn’t add up in time. I was still creating the courses for the online academy while working on my new content in any spare time. Luckily that work isn’t necessarily full-time anymore, so I’m working on my content for the bulk of my time. As a result, I’m finally getting closer to sharing what I’ve been working on with you.


        In the meantime to ease back into it, I’ll be releasing a lesson on Youtube on a weekly basis. These are one-off lessons focusing on important topics such as advanced game saving, monetization, analytics, UI, game audio, and so on. Topics are chosen based on a collection of suggestions over the last year or so, while future topics will be publicly polled on Youtube. I’m choosing topics that have a big impact on your games as well as being straightforward to cover in single lessons.

         Lessons on a weekly basis will start on the 9th of May. The goal is to push out a lesson every week, though the scheduled day may change. I’m excited for what’s to come, both on and off Youtube.

Thanks for sticking around,

💙 Austin